{magictabs} Overview::

The NOS-Installer© is a small, sophisticated tool that utilizes cutting edge technology to install programs more efficiently and accurately than conventional installation shields.

As a turn-key solution, this software is pre-programmed by NOS Microsystems. You can then update it independently and directly. Furthermore, this program offers the most convenient means for web installation and program updates via the background download, update and installation technology unique to NOS-Installer©.

NOS Installer(C) screenshot.

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|||| Benefits::
  • Best user Experience.
    NOS-Installer© uses state-of-the-art software to streamline, automate and integrate installation operations into the world’s fastest and most efficient electronic file distribution software available, iNOSSO® and getPlus®.
  • Control over Updates.
    NOS-Installer© provides a platform for automatic update creation and background updates, the most user-friendly approach to maintain software. Supply your customers with the smallest updates available that can be downloaded automatically, scheduled, or manually, according to your company, or your customer preference.
  • Reduced maintenance and support.
    Simplified installation and centralized, speedy update functionality will enable your company to quickly update products and eliminate the burden of supporting multiple old versions.
  • Customizable GUI.
    NOS-Installer© will accommodate additional personal or third-party marketing space that will integrate with your overall website operations.
  • Smallest Updates Available.
    Easily and quickly rollout new product versions from delta update files that only change the affected data instead of reloading completely new product versions.
  • Silent Installations.
    Your programs can be installed completely in the background without the user being aware that any process is occurring.
  • Smooth integration.
    Easily integrates with your website and operates with all other registered software.
  • Supports multiple operating systems.
    Supports majority of operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and other Unix derivates. Our technologies are fully compatible with Windows 7.
|||| Functionalities::
  • Package Creator®.
    Creates installer package including traditional installation functions such as language selection, license agreement functions, and selection of directory destination. (not necessary if updates will be provided on file level).
  • Background Download Capability.
    Flexible and invisible management of downloads using only accessible bandwidth.
  • Multi-Sourcing Capability.
    Downloads the file from multiple available sources. (Load balancing, download acceleration).
  • Region (IP based) or User Group diverted handling capability.
    Different access control for regions or user groups.
  • Flexible Branding Capability including HTML GUI (White Label).
    Supports different labels for different clients based on one core code base.
  • Automatic Installation
    Option to automatically execute any command after download, e.g. starting the installation.
  • Pre-Installation Detection
    Detects if selected products or product versions are already installed on a client's machine and if not, offers the latest version for download on a file level.
  • Manual/Automatic installation functions
    Allows a manual or automatic display of a welcome screen, a language selection, a EULA or licensing information, and a selection of the installation directory.
  • Updating functionality for multiple code bases
    Maintaining multiple code bases and program versions for different user groups and classes
  • Remote controlled upgrade/update and installation on file level
    Updates occur in the order and time that you preset to avoid program and computer restarts. Update functionality is remotely controlled.
  • Smallest updates available
    Creating delta updates on file level instead of the typical entire installer/patch files. This saves time, space and bandwidth.
  • Automatic and background updates provided
    To keep your customers' installations of your software up-to-date on file level. Manual update options are also available.
|||| Additional Features::

NOS-Installer© can be customized with additional functionalities to improve the transfer of digital goods.

  • NOS-WebInstall©
    functionality combines our download managers with iNOSSO® compression into one seamless process in one customizable GUI. Download, Extraction and Installation are simultaneous. Thus your software is directly installed from the web in the fastest and most convenient way possible. Downloaded programs are installed and ready for execution after just one mouse click.
|||| Implementation::

Our NOS-INSTALLER® programs are customized to your requirements to achieve the fastest possible installation and most convenient update tool. The NOS-Installer© program is available as either a GUI tool or command line based.

Using your existing program installation file, our engineering team customizes a NOS-Installer® configuration using iNOSSO® compression technology. This output configuration can subsequently be used for further versions of your product.

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|||| FAQs::
{slide=How is NOS-Installer© different than my current MSI?} A: NOS-Installer© is smaller and faster, making your files install in less time. Additionally, this program has been designed to install iNOSSO® wrapped packages as fast as possible. With the Update Creator© feature your company will be able to deliver delta-updates - small update packages that are matched to the users’ current software so that only the necessary, missing files are installed. {/slide} {slide=Can I buy NOS-Installer© without purchasing iNOSSO® or a getPlus® Transfer Manager?} A: Yes, this product can be purchased independently and used for installations and the fastest updates on the market. Furthermore, the Update Creator© allows for the creation and distribution of sophisticated, small updates. {/slide} {slide=Do I need to adjust our software and hardware to use NOS-Installer©?} A: No, NOS-Installer© can be customized to work within you current software architecture. {/slide} {slide=Which operating systems does NOS-Installer© support?} A: NOS-Installer© can be adapted to all OS including: Win98SE, WinME, WinNT4.0(SP6), Win2000, WinXP, WinVista, Windows 7, MacOS9, Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris, and other UNIX Derivates. Furthermore, NOS-Installer© can be modified to work with proprietary systems. {/slide}

Download FAQs sheet pertaining to all NOS Microsystems products here.Pdf-icon.