About Us

NOS Microsystems Ltd. is a specialist in electronic software distribution. As a market leader in download management technology, large data and cloud transfers and software compression, we service over 1 billion digital transfers annually for our clients.
Our secure, reliable solutions are customized for each client, and are backed by global support from our offices worldwide.

We offer the following product categories as part of our solutions:

Transfer Management

Compression Technology

NOS Apps

Mission Statement

To provide the pinnacle in delivery of electronic products and services, allowing companies to effectively distribute software and services to users without boundaries.

Brief Company History

Since 2001 we have been developing and delivering transfer management and compression solutions to companies around the globe. Over the past 14 years we have successfully afforded delivery of some of the most commonly-accessed digital goods in the world, including Adobe's Reader and Flash.

Our solutions are very versatile and are used by clients of all sizes and industries including software and hardware companies, telecommunication and media companies and global leaders in industrial automation, power, control and information solutions.

Furthermore, successful collaborations with our partners in the search, anti-virus, e-commerce and cloud sectors have allowed us to help our clients to monetize their digital transfers in ways not previously possible. By acting as both a technological enabler and broker, we have allowed clients to unlock the potential of this oft-overlooked asset and to generate additional revenue.

Since 2011 our NOS Apps division has been creating fun, innovative and useful apps that are suitable for a wide variety of users. We strive to develop user friendly and affordable apps without obtrusive ads, using minimal device resources.

Solutions Overview

Our software-driven products and technologies make possible the size-optimized, accelerated, demand-oriented, fully automated, secured, user-friendly distribution of any digital good.
We specialize in data security and fast and efficient data transfers.

Our solutions handle the most complex situations and use cases for our clients, including corporate delivery in B2B networks, management of transfers across firewalls and corporate proxies, regardless of the file size.

Our solutions are fully customizable and can handle unique use cases such as the dynamic creation and distribution of download packages according to user credentials and entitlement.

Our solutions securely and efficiently manage downloads and uploads of all sizes and connections.

Our transfer management technology can be integrated into our clients products and ensure that these products are always up to date without any further user interaction.

We offer the highest level of file protection with encrypted transfers which makes our products the best solution to protect and securely transfer your data to and from cloud accounts, within or between corporate networks or within sensitive environments.

Our solutions can also be used to securely store and back up your data in the cloud.

Our solutions can facilitate the bundling of third party software with client downloads to leverage revenue from the download process itself.

We also offer a wide range of communication tools and apps for end users and corporations alike.


When contacting our support team, please make sure to include your OS and service pack version; your browser version as well as the version number of the download manager you have installed (e.g.: 1.6.X.XX). Including a screen shot of the error message would also be beneficial. Please note that support is only available in English. Thank you for your cooperation.

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