Don’t Put Your Data At Risk

More and more companies are using the cloud to store customer data. Although this may reduce costs and bring many other advantages to the business, there are also huge risks involved with storing sensitive customer data in this way. Learn about the dangers of data storage in the cloud and the benefits of cloud data security and how to protect your data with data encryption.

The Circle, Data Privacy and Why Encryption is Important

Data privacy and security will be thrust once again into the spotlight with the release of a new film called The Circle. Data privacy is indeed a huge concern of our times; high profile hacks make big news several times a year, identities get stolen, sensitive emails and messages are read, private data is taken without victims even being aware of it, not to mention the fact that big corporations have backdoor access to private data too and the huge surveillance programs by government intelligence organisations- thank you Mr. Snowden for letting us know about that. With all that going on, encryption is super important.

The End to Internet Privacy?

Thursday's US Senate vote to repeal the internet privacy rules that were passed by the Federal Communications Commission under President Obama may make it easier for internet service providers to share and sell sensitive information about their customers and may mark the end to Internet Privacy for consumers.

Intelligent Software Delivery

Effective and intelligent software delivery means having the right tools to deliver the digital goods your customers want. NOS Microsystems’ electronic delivery solutions offer a wide range of features and functionalities for the unique requirements of various industries and make delivery fast, easy and customer-friendly. Our delivery solutions allow software distributors to effectively manage their software delivery needs.

Live Video Streaming: A Growing Trend

At least two social media users are facing fines of up to $60,000 or five years‘ jail for using Facebook Live to stream the Danny Green-Anthony Mundine fight on Friday, attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers each.

If used properly, live video streaming can be used to build brand awareness, and more importantly, boost engagement. Smart companies are beginning to use live streaming for company events, announcements, interviews or video blogs. So if you can think of a way to tie in your product and marketing communication to some form of live video streaming, you may well be on to a winner.

Online Business: Targeting Your Market

Knowing your market is the be all and end all of business, especially when it comes to online marketing. Don’t be afraid of your business plan evolving and changing as the market does. Setting new goals and moving with the times is the key to success. Traditional mass online marketing like banners and pop-ups are no longer effective. Online product awareness needs to be adapted to the individual user, their background and their online behaviour.