Support FAQs

How do I uninstall getPlus® from my computer?

getPlus® automatically deletes itself after successful download and installation of the downloaded product. In some cases the getPlus® plug-in deletion process is interrupted and although the plug-in is (technically) already uninstalled, it is still listed in the installed program list. In order to complete an uninstall of getPlus®, please close your browser window first. Then go to your Control Panel/Add and Remove Programs and remove getPlus® manually. Afterwards you can either press F5 to refresh or after the next (re)start of your computer getPlus® will be gone.

I cannot download a file properly. My download stops at some point and will not resume.

Downloading will only take place whilste you are connected to the internet. If your connection was interrupted, this can cause the download to pause. Simply resume the download through getPlus® or by double-clicking the download icon which can be found on your system’s desktop.

If this does not solve the problem, remove the current download instance, and begin downloading the file again. Otherwise, check the support page of the site from which the download originates.

I have downloaded software using getPlus® and once the download is complete, it will not install and gives me an error dialog.

Please refer to our Info ID Code page for error number explanations.

I never installed getPlus®, how did it end up on my computer?

getPlus® is a download manager which is used by third-party software providers for the digital distribution of their products. If you have getPlus® on your computer, it means that you have begun downloading software from such a provider. Once the software is completely downloaded, getPlus® will automatically remove itself from your computer.


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