Targeted Marketing

The effectiveness of traditional online (mass) marketing has been reduced by channel saturation and consumer blind spots. Traditional banners and pop-ups are no longer effective. Now online product awareness needs to be targeted and adapted to the individual user.

Our intelligent download managers enable you to run targeted marketing campaigns directly related to a user's background and behavior. Communicate directly with your target audience while they are at their most responsive: during the download process. We enable you to monetize your traffic and downloads through various solutions incorporated into our download managers including:

A fully customizable and dynamic marketplace

The ability to specifically target individual customers through the use of automated pre-checks

The ability to bundle your downloads with additional software through the use of virtual bundling technology

Example Download Manager with Marketplace

The Marketplace

Our download managers are fully HTML based. As such, you can design them in accordance to your needs and corporate identity. We can include a dynamic marketing area within your download manager. Such a dynamic HTML marketplace allows you to:

Increase your sales through the cross-advertisement of your products. Display complementary content for easy download

Display user-related information (such as product promotions)

Offer downloads of third party software (e.g. search toolbars)

Use the marketplace in various formats, for example as a rotating banner

Automated Pre-Checks

Obtain information about your users in order to target individual customers.

Our download managers enable you to obtain a wide range of information on your users. Through intelligent back-reporting our software can analyze users and provide the following information:

User Interests (previously visited sites/programs installed/programs used)

Hardware Setup (Mac/PC, hardware type/hardware age)

Software Setup (operating system/browser/programs installed)

Demographics (location/details provided during your registration process; e.g. age/payment method)

This is used to dynamically customize what you offer in the marketplace to different groups. This enables you to offer content that is most interesting and relevant to your customers, increasing take-rates for your offers, allowing you to generate of more revenue.

Go from blind, blanket offers to targeting each segment with a measurable, testable approach.

Targeted Marketing

Conventional mass-market online advertizing campaigns have become less and less effective. However, online-targeted marketing promotions enable your company to reach your target audience. Keyword based pay-per-click campaigns are a good start to reach broad parts of the population as they allow you to obtain users that might be generally interested in your products. However, once you want to narrow down your targets you will start to have limited control over results.

Imagine you would like to specifically reach native English speaking people living in California, using a Mac of the latest generation, owning a Digital SLR and interested in video and photo editing software. By utilizing the marketplace window during the delivery process to some of your clients, getPlus+® enables you to achieve this!

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Third Party Bundling

getPlus® with Virtual Bundling for Streaming and Download Monetization. getPlus® offers an easy and effective way to monetize digital traffic, suitable for streaming companies, advertisers and publishers.

getPlus® is the only solution that enables TV and media streaming companies to monetize their services.
With getPlus® you can not only monetize software downloads but also earn up to $10 per streaming service.
See how one of our clients, BitMar Networks, uses getPlus® to monetize their free TV and movies streaming app by bundling their content with reputable third party software providers.

getPlus® with Virtual Bundling for Streaming and Download Monetization.

getPlus® offers an easy and effective way to monetize digital traffic, suitable for streaming companies, advertisers and publishers.

getPlus® comes with virtual bundling that allows streaming companies and publishers to easily bundle their software and services with complementary third party content and advertisers to promote their content more effectively.

getPlus® runs automated pre-checks that ensure the content offered matches the user's needs, the needs of the streaming company, publisher or advertiser and that the user qualifies for and is entitled to the offer before it is presented.
The intelligent pre-checks allow you to target your market more effectively. There is no blind advertising; you offer content that is actually relevant to the user.

getPlus® is unique: it offers a cross-platform way of generating additional revenue regardless of whether you provide traditional software products or are in the business of streaming content.

Increase your market reach and earn additional revenue with getPlus®.

Add value to your digital content by bundling it with software products that complement your products and services and access our unique network of reputable software bundling partners.

Virtual Bundling

Third party bundling is a unique technology that allows you to increase revenue through the distribution of third party software. It enables you to bundle any type of software package or component with your primary download without incurring costs.

It is the only solution that allows streaming companies to additionally monetize their services, regardless of whether you offer a free ad-supported streaming platform or a paid-for subscription-based model. With getPlus®, you can earn additional revenue for any streaming service.

How it works

When you add a package to your software download (e.g.: an update, a patch, a third party application such as a toolbar), you would normally create an update to be sent to customers with the existing version AND you would integrate this upgrade into the installer package of your software for new clients.

With virtual bundling, there is no need to go through the time and labor intensive integration and testing process – by virtually bundling the original version of the software with the added packages, the download appears as one to the consumer, and they can install the packages or component as per your requirements.

Your software and third party software can reside on multiple servers anywhere in the world, remaining completely independent of each other. The download management technology itself can also be located on any server.

getPlus® with Virtual Bundling offers you incredible flexibility. It reduces the costs of creating, testing and providing a software bundle to your users. Most importantly, it allows you to easily bundle your software with partner content and generate additional revenue in the process.

We offer a wide range of reputable third party software partners to bundle with and you will earn a revenue share each time your user accepts the third party offer.

The process is smooth, user friendly and allows software providers as well as streaming services companies to monetize their digital content. See how BitMar Networks uses getPlus® with Virtual Bundling to monetize their streaming services:

Virtual bundling advantages:

Increase your revenue
Generate additional revenue by promoting third party content (e.g.: toolbars and other software)
Reduced operating costs
Virtual bundling eliminates the need to have packages bundled in one single binary and allows unlimited bundling possibilities. It also enables your company to easily add or update components without the need to re-compile or re-test the entire software bundle.

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getPlus® with Virtual Bundling is a great solution for streaming companies, software publishers and advertisers.

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