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getPlus® with Virtual Bundling for Streaming and Download Monetization.

Explore a new dimension of generating revenue with streaming. You bring the content and we'll bring the expertise, technology and partners to make it happen.

NOS Microsystems offers its proven getPlus® solution that is the only solution that allows streaming companies to additionally monetize their services, regardless of whether they offer a free ad-supported streaming platform or a paid-for subscription-based model. With getPlus®, you can earn additional revenue for any streaming service.

getPlus® offers an easy and effective way to monetize any digital traffic, suitable for streaming companies, advertisers and publishers.

getPlus® is the only solution that enables TV and media streaming companies to monetize their services using a unique and new way.
With getPlus® you can not only monetize software downloads but also earn up to $10 per streaming service by virtually bundling with reputable third party software partners that we provide.
See how one of our clients, BitMar Networks, uses getPlus® to monetize their free TV and movie streaming app with third party bundling.

getPlus® with Virtual Bundling for Streaming and Download Monetization.

getPlus® offers an easy and effective way to monetize digital traffic, suitable for streaming companies, advertisers and publishers.

We offer the technology and electronic delivery expertise with our proven getPlus® transfer manager.

getPlus® comes with virtual bundling capabilities that allow streaming companies and publishers to easily bundle their software and services with complementary third party content and enables advertisers to promote their content more effectively.

Automated pre-checks within getPlus® ensure that the content offered matches the user's needs, the needs of the streaming company, publisher or advertiser and establish whether the user qualifies for and is entitled to the offer before it is presented.
The intelligent pre-checks allow you to target your market more effectively. There is no blind advertising; you offer content that is actually relevant to the user.

getPlus® is unique: it offers a cross-platform way of generating additional revenue regardless of whether you provide traditional software products or are in the business of streaming content.

Increase your market reach and earn additional revenue with getPlus®.

Add value to your digital content by bundling it with software products that complement your products and services and access our unique network of reputable software bundling partners. We work with a wide range of partners and find the right match for your needs, content and user base. Help us help you to explore a new way of making additional revenue.

Virtual Bundling

Third party bundling is a unique technology that allows you to increase revenue through the distribution of third party software. It enables you to bundle any type of software package or component with your primary download without incurring costs.

Find out more about Virtual Bundling.


Content Delivery

Our CDN partner is a global market leader in digital content and rich media delivery and unmatched as the industry´s most efficient high-performance delivery provider for large libraries, large files and large audiences.

Thanks to our CDN partner, we are able to offer access to the best content delivery network on the market and can ensure a brilliant online experience regardless of file size, library size, audience size and location, or content popularity.

We offer access to a delivery infrastructure with abundant resources, massive storage and delivery capacity in the most strategic locations around the world.

Our services ensure high-performance delivery with the highest flexibility. Decide if you prefer to store your content on your own servers or offload your infrastructure to reduce costs and operational complexity.

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Benefits for your company

High-performance delivery- providing immediate user access to your content

Global availability over a dedicated network

Massive network capacity to handle peak loads and network spikes

Reporting tools from analyzing traffic to audience

Reduced delivery costs

No capital investment or staffing required

Fast deployment

Direct access to 24/7 support

Consulting and IT Strategy

Electronic Delivery Strategies for Digital Assets

We are a global leader in technologies for electronic data distribution and provide solutions and services to major software vendors, telecoms, and media companies around the world.

Our consulting team helps business leaders address their greatest challenges, from reorganizing their distribution strategy to improving business performance and maximizing revenue and profit margins.

Software vendors today face the challenge of transforming their software business into an electronic service, instantaneously providing their customers with the exact software solution and up-to-date module they need.

Telecoms are striving to capitalize on their existing customer base by means of new value-added services, attractive mobile applications, and interactive content.

Media companies look for innovative ways to fulfill their customers' needs: instantaneous, easy-to-use access to their favorite music, games, and movies.

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IT Strategy

IT is becoming more complex and difficult for companies to keep under control in terms of security, maintenance and costs.

We at NOS Microsystems can assist you to select the right software architecture to insure successful short and long-term development of your company in a manageable, affordable system. We work with our clients to develop IT systems that exploit the latest technologies such as cloud computing and virtual networks to maximize their benefits for scale and use.

However, we make sure that all infrastructures are grounded in reliable and cost-friendly solutions that have been proven in the market to work with minimal upkeep and maximum results.

Whether you need help organizing servers, databases, networks or large file transfers, our experts can find the right solution for you.

If you are interested in further information on how to setup and maintain your IT system please contact us.


Our consultants possess valuable knowledge and comprehensive experience resulting from numerous projects among the world's largest providers of digital goods. Major areas of expertise include:

Electronic Software Delivery Strategies

Music Download Strategies

Benchmarking of Existing Solutions

Improvements in the Purchasing Processes for Digital Goods

Raising Profit Margins Derived from Digital Goods

Lowering Costs of Goods Sold

IT Operations for EDDA (Electronic Data Delivery of Digital Assets)


Every electronic delivery of digital assets is threatened by intrusion from third parties. Typically, these parties attempt to obtain parts of or the entire digital asset, discover confidential information within the transfer, or inject malicious code into the exchange.

We at NOS Microsystems recognize that security is fundamental in today's online business environment, and accomplish this by offering integrated security management solutions. Our security specialists support your company by determining the appropriate services and technologies to protect your valuable digital goods.

To get further information on how to protect your digital assets, please contact us.

Threat Analysis

Prevention Assessment

Integrated Security Management

Secured Communication Lines

Secured Client Access

DRM Support

Integrity Checks/Checksum Tests

Market Analysis

We provide our customers with anonymous reports on important marketing data. The data provided is confidential and of a strictly technical nature.

Seamlessly integrated within our Download Solutions, these tracking tools facilitate instant access to real-time customer data and marketing statistics. Every single transaction can be tracked and categorized. Valuable marketing data is being generated continuously, putting software product managers in position to closely monitor the success of their work.

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Number of downloads started

Number of downloads completed/not completed

Number of downloads paused

If interrupted, at what percentage

Downloaded TBYBs that have (not) been purchased (yet)

Date and time of download· Proof of delivery (signoff)

Operating system

MSI support/service packs on machine

Installed software components and versions

Pre-installed components of download package

Hardware/components used

Download duration

Internet connection type and speed

IP/download provider where download came from

Server that provided download link (referral check)

IP that download went to

Country/location that download went to

Used code page