bitWrapper® Compression for Windows, Mac and Linux
Simultaneous download and installation with getPlus® and bitWrapper® for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Rapid file transfers

    bitWrapper® for Windows and Linux delivers the world's best compression enabling rapid file transfers to your users through smaller file sizes.
  • Usability

    bitWrapper® for Windows and Linux offers your customers a fully automatic, speedy transfer - no client side application or interaction of your customers is required.
  • User Convenience

    bitWrapper® for Windows and Linux allows your customers to decide whether they want to re-compose (extract) your product right away or later using the Pause/Resume/Exit buttons on the re-composition dialog.
  • Works on any system

    bitWrapper® for Windows and Linux works on Windows, Linux, Solaris and other Unix derivatives. bitWrapper® Mac is designed for Mac OS X usage.

What is bitWrapper®?

bitWrapper® is our compression tool that allows you to optimise any kind of digital content. bitWrapper® achieves compression rates of 20 – 70% in addition to what common compression (ZIP, RAR, CAB) would offer you. So even if you already compress your files, bitWrapper® generally achieves an impressive 20 – 70% on top of that.

bitWrapper® is compatible with all popular operating systems and installers. It acts as a wrapping tool, compressing the installer while allowing it to operate freely as if it were unwrapped. The key difference is that it creates a significantly smaller and more efficient version of your product or file.

In combination with our getPlus® digital logistics applications, bitWrapper® compressed files can be simultaneously downloaded, extracted and installed. This results in an efficient, automated and user-friendly file transfer system. With bitWrapper® your company will have more satisfied users complete more downloads while lowering your bandwidth costs.


bitWrapper® for Windows, Mac and Linux does not interfere with your existing software build processes or installation routine and can seamlessly be integrated into your current infrastructure. bitWrapper® for Windows, Mac and Linux is a turn-key solution that can be used independently from NOS Microsystems. bitWrapper® for Windows, Mac and Linux is not a single compression tool but a whole set of different tools and automated processes. Our specialists customize the bitWrapper® for Windows, Mac and Linux Program to your requirements to achieve the greatest size reduction and the best performance rates.

bitWrapper® for Windows, Mac and Linux Programs are available as GUI and command-line tools. These easy-to-use tools enable your company to turn your software into wrapped, size-optimized, self-executable download files. The actual size optimization of your software can be performed at your facility using the customized bitWrapper® for Windows, Mac and Linux Program. As bitWrapper® for Windows, Mac and Linux creates self-extracting files; no application is required on client side.

Contact the Solutions Team to setup a free software compression analysis. You can then upload an original version of your regularly compressed (ZIP, RAR, CAB) software for analysis. Our specialists will use the bitWrapper® Analysis Tool to determine savings for your company. The obtained size optimization potential is guaranteed within a 3% range.


  • Improved user experience

    Shorter downloads provide better access for your customers. Quicker access to files significantly improves user convenience and generates more distributed copies and sales.
  • Increased download figures

    With the addition of bitWrapper® compression your customers will be more willing to download your products. Deliver twice as many products in the same time span.
  • Reduced drop-outs

    The user-friendly nature of the bitWrapper®-optimized downloads are proven to reduce dropout rates by up to 90%.
  • More Revenue

    Your software’s overall market share is increased leading to more revenue at increased profit margins.
  • Reduced bandwidth peaks

    Smaller, compressed files reduce the overall amount of required bandwidth and subsequently the amount of bandwidth peaks.
  • No client application required

    The bitWrapper® Creator© programs create a self-extracting download file. Re-composition (extraction) automatically occurs on client side before starting the original installation routine.
  • No changes to your backend are required.

    bitWrapper® does not interfere with your existing software build processes or installation routine and can seamlessly be integrated into your current infrastructure.
  • Simplified installation process

    bitWrapper® for Mac can simplify the download process by automatically launching an easy to use installer.


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