Corporate cloud messenger

Your corporate cloud messenger

A secure closed community to communicate with staff and share files



    Secure all your company and client data with advanced encryption making it only visible to those who are permitted to view it


    Have communications go through your own company servers. Use your servers as a secure file transfer solution so your data is not sent to a third party cloud


    Secure as many clouds as you need. Supports hybrid cloud computing. Data on private and public clouds secured
  • Increases revenue


    Have accounts on several devices. No matter what device your staff or customers use, this solution is compatible
What is corporate cloud messenger What is corporate cloud messenger

What is corporate cloud messenger?

This individually branded private company messenger and file transfer ecosystem is a secure platform where staff can communicate and share files. Company and customer data is protected via advanced encryption meaning your business is safe from cyber attack and data breach.

Corporate cloud messenger is based on NOS Microsystem’s get2Clouds technology, which combines a high-caliber and patented download manager with the most secure encrypted messenger.

With this solution, all files on all your shared servers can be protected so only entitled employees can access them.

The communication server is embedded in your IT-landscape so it does not go through a third party operator. This gives your company a closed community, and your own private company cloud.

Why use corporate cloud messenger?

Cyber attack is the most likely threat to any business and most companies are ill prepared for one. The convenience of cloud computing has made cyber attack even more widespread.

The best defense is securing your data with encryption. This solution does that, and it also includes a host of other features that make communicating and sharing files with staff seamless, and secure.

Boasting secure file transfers of unlimited size, secure cloud sync, an E2E encrypted messenger and more, this easy-to-use privacy application ensures corporate and customer data remains safe. It supports hybrid cloud computing as it works with all major cloud providers.
Why use corporate cloud messenger Why use corporate cloud messenger

The most cost effective solution to secure your corporate data and communications

We can mould the corporate cloud messenger solution to fit your company’s exact needs. For a personalized option please contact us for a quote.



In-house messenger and file transferIn-house messenger and file transfer
Includes up to 1000 usersIncludes up to 1000 users
Set-up within app storesSet-up within app stores
Optional brandingOptional branding
Corporate Cloud Messenger is a business solution.
If you need something for personal use, try out get2Clouds application which is cost free and ad free

Corporate cloud messenger

  • Secure and closed communitySecure and closed community
  • Fully branded to company imageFully branded to company image
  • Communicate, cloud sync, transfer large files in one encrypted bubbleCommunicate, cloud sync, transfer large files in one encrypted bubble
  • Embedded in your IT landscapeEmbedded in your IT landscape
  • Compatible with all major cloud providersCompatible with all major cloud providers
  • Optional self-destructing messagesOptional self-destructing messages
  • Mobile and desktop application, use across multiple devicesMobile and desktop application, use across multiple devices
  • Encrypt data on network attached storageEncrypt data on network attached storage
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop functionEasy-to-use drag and drop function
  • Small size application so doesn’t hinder device performanceSmall size application so doesn’t hinder device performance