Ultimate security for your database

Protect one of the most important and valuable assets of your company: data.



    Every second, 300 records are compromised. Most of small and medium-sized businesses don’t survive a data breach since the average cost is around 1 million dollars. Encryption renders the stolen data useless.


    Tailor-made solutions to fit the needs and particularities of your company. Compatible with all kind of database (Oracle, SAP,…) of any size. The data is secured with AES 256-bit encryption.


    The intelligent entitlement management system provides strict control on who and where access your database. Easily grant or denied permission to your employees or partners.


    We meet the individual requirement of your business and take care of installation. We are also there to answer any queries and offer the best support.

What is Fortress?

Fortress is NOS Microsystems’ powerful security tool that encrypts and protects your database from cyber attack, hence protecting your business and client information. With Fortress, every single entry in your database is encrypted in real time. Access is done via a single sign-on (SSO) so only authorized people can view files. For additional security the authorized admin cannot access all data at once.

Why use Fortress?

The purpose of a database is to help your business stay organized and keep information easily accessible to staff. However, all that customer, client and business information should never be easily accessible to cyber criminals. And hackers go to evermore elaborate lengths to enter company databases to steal data. Business databases are typically a treasure trove of data from product inventory to sales, expenses and other financial information, not to mention sensitive client information. In the wrong hands it could cost your business. The only protection is advanced encryption. Fortress protects your database with the most advanced encryption so that it in the event of a cyber attack, the data would be unreadable.


  • Very cost effectiveVery cost effective
  • Easy to useEasy to use
  • No IT department neededNo IT department needed
  • Fully branded to company uniformFully branded to company uniform
  • Quick transfers files of any sizeQuick transfers files of any size
  • AES 256AES 256


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