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Specializing in software solutions in data security and fast and efficient data transfers across all devices and platforms

  • SINCE 2001

    SINCE 2001

    Providing superior software solutions that deliver digital goods to all industries since 2001


    All data secured with advanced encryption so only the user and whoever they wish to share it with can view it


    White label option for a download manager and secure messenger that fits into your company image


    Delivering software anywhere in the world whilst taking care of all customers and border issues

What we do at NOS Microsystems

NOS Microsystems creates products and technologies that make the size-optimized, accelerated, demand-oriented, fully automated, secure, and user-friendly distribution of any digital good possible. We can securely and efficiently manage downloads and uploads of all sizes and across all connections. Our versatile solutions are used by companies of all sizes in industries including software and hardware, telecommunication and media, and global leaders in industrial automation, power, control, and information solutions.

We have been developing and delivering transfer management and compression solutions to companies around the globe since 2001. During this time we have successfully afforded delivery of some of the most commonly-accessed digital goods, including Adobe’s Reader and Flash.

Fully customizable

Our fully customizable solutions handle the most complex situations and use cases including corporate delivery in B2B networks, management of transfers across firewalls and corporate proxies, regardless of the file size. We handle unique client needs such as the dynamic creation and distribution of download packages according to user credentials and entitlement.

Our transfer management technology can be integrated into products and ensure they are always up to date without any further user interaction.

We offer businesses a secure communications ecosystem where their data is safe to store and share with colleagues. We offer the highest level of file protection with advanced encrypted transfers making our products the best solution to protect and securely transfer your data to and from cloud accounts, within or between corporate networks or within sensitive environments. Our solutions can also be used to securely store and back up your data in the cloud.

Content delivery

We can deliver content to anywhere in the world in the securest way possible thanks to our secure servers and our content delivery network (CDN) partner, that is the global market leader in digital content and rich media delivery. We operate with a CDN partner that is unmatched as the most efficient high-performance delivery provider for large libraries, large files and large audiences.

Because of this, we are able to offer access to the best CDN on the market and can ensure a brilliant online experience regardless of file size, library size, audience size and location, or content popularity. Decide if you prefer to store your content on your own servers or offload your infrastructure to reduce costs and operational complexity.

NOS Apps

Since 2011 our NOS Apps division has been creating fun, innovative, and useful apps that are suitable for a wide variety of users. We strive to develop user-friendly and affordable apps that use minimal device resources.

Our Apps

  • BotherMeBotherMe
  • LoveNotesLoveNotes
  • SelfieCheckrSelfieCheckr
  • CallerIDCallerID
  • MuteItMuteIt
  • Language SwitcherLanguage Switcher
  • HearingAMPHearingAMP


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